spinning salads

I love salads but I do not especially love making them. I don’t like the bagged greens as much as the fresh in a bundle ones. I especially like fresh spinach and either butter lettuce or green leaf. One huge helper has been this trusty salad spinner. I got one for us and another for my married daughter. You simply rinse your greens then tear them up and put in the spinner, add more water and spin! It spins the excess water right off so you don’t have soggy greens and your dressing isn’t runny and watered down. Then you can add all of your chopped veggies and some dressing and wa la! A wonderful salad! We only like to make as much salad as will be eaten at the meal, but we do go ahead and do the whole amount of greens and keep them in the spinner in the fridge. They keep well this way without getting soggy :) . So yeah unsoggy salads work for me!

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