Brownie – Ice Cream – Banana Split – Chocolate Sunday Cake




This was my special birthday cake creation for Hannah yesterday. It is a Brownie – Ice Cream – Banana Split – Chocolate Sunday Cake. We took a 13×9 baking dish and made a batch of brownies then set it to cool. When cool we layered it with peanut butter ice cream sandwiches, then we spread on an entire large container of cool whip.


We took it out and added a nice all over drizzle of very rich chocolate sauce. Then another layer of sliced pineapple rings (fresh pineapple is currently 99cents at Aldi’s) and banana slices. We also added fresh sliced strawberries and then chopped nuts. Then we topped with maraschino cherries. It was definitely one of a kind and everyone loved it!


  1. Kristi & Co. says:

    This sounds beyond scrumpdilicious!!! I’m gonna have to come up with a new holiday….No birthdays soon enough to try this one out! Thanks for sharing! 😀

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