tropical smoothie

Guess what we got yesterday? Yep, shredded coconut! And boy is it good! Since pineapples are on sale for 99 cents at Aldis we got 4 of them and bananas are on sale for 33 cents a pound at Wal Mart so we got several bunches of them. And now we are having a tropical party! To the blender we added some

  • fresh pineapple chunks,
  • a couple bananas,
  • a bit of spring water,
  • a couple spoons of natural sugar
  • and a spoon or two of wheat germ,

and whipped it up! Then added

  • several spoons of Tropical Traditions shredded coconut

and whipped for an additional few seconds. And WOW! This is wonderful! Can’t wait to try more recipes!

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