breaded chicken breasts


Lately Georgia has been doing chicken a bit different. We don’t eat a lot of fried food but when we do it is homemade. I want to know exactly what is in it. She has perfected a chicken breast technique that can be used in lots of ways. These can be used for

  • chicken sandwiches
  • chicken biscuits
  • sweet and sour chicken
  • bbq chicken
  • and more

She starts with boneless chicken breasts. Not some strange meat by-product that used to resemble a chicken, but real chicken breasts. If they are thick she will pound them out with a meat tenderizer. Then she cuts them in the desired sizes, sometimes she wants half a breast or sometimes just bite sized pieces.

She has two bowls already prepared, one with beaten eggs and one with seasoned flour, we like to use a local seasoning called soul seasoning, it is basically a seasoned salt with no msg.

She takes each piece of chicken and places it in the egg, then the flour then the egg again then the flour again, then fries in hot oil till golden brown.

It is incredible just like that and better than any chicken restaurant anywhere. But you could also place in a covered container with either sweet and sour sauce or bbq sauce and shake to coat. I love these on biscuits or with rice on the side.

This is just a menu idea would you like to see it made into an ebook with step by step instructions and pictures?

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