cheesy baked tomatoes

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Rainy rainy day today, I mean KABOOM! rainy, as in flooding in local areas. None here thank goodness, but too rainy to do anything outside. So, we head for the kitchen which tends to be one of our favorite places anyway. Moriah is making several, yes several batches of butter ( we love our Jersey girls, thank you Lord) and we decided to try something new. For a change our something new does not involve chocolate. This is today’s creation. Get yourself a small baking dish, or a big one if you like, and add a small bit of extra virgin olive oil. Then get ready for some yumminess. Start with a fresh from the garden homegrown in TN tomato, I cannot guarantee the results with anything else. Slice the tomato in half and remove the stem part. Set the tomato, or tomatoes in your baking dish and generously top with cheese, we used Italian blend, but you could use Mozarella and Parmesan and anything else that sounded good. Then add some spices, we used Italian spice blends and a bit of fresh. And some Real Salt, because Real Salt is the best. The absolute best salt there is in my opinion. Then bake at 400 for about 10-15 minutes, depending on the thickness of your tomatoes, then finish it off with a couple of minutes on broil, just to brown and bubble the cheese. Then prepare for your mouth to water. Serve on plates and pour remaining olive oil over each piece. Absolutely heavenly. My daughter called it gluten free pizza, but that was really in jest because we don’t strictly adhere to any particular dietary plan and think some folks go overboard. Do what works for you but don’t ever think it is a way to salvation or that it makes you better than anyone. (ok, done on that one you can unplug your ears now). Food is given to us to enjoy, stick with real foods and don’t get into idol worshipping and things will be ok.

Hmmm, now it is time for something chocolate 🙂

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