My name is Penny Raine, you can read more about myself and my family at my everyday blog PennyRaine.com . When I was a young girl growing up I loved to cook and was determined that if  I had daughters I would teach them to cook. Well the Lord blessed us with 5 daughters and they can now cook better than I do!  They have a gift for taking a recipe and making it better than it was intended to be. We have several old cookbooks that were handwritten the way the homemakers of yesteryear used to do them. They include not only recipes but scriptures and bits of wit and wisdom. This site is on online version of just that, an old-fashioned cookbook. You will find recipes we have created and some we have improved upon. You will also find scriptures and notes here and there.

I pray that you are blessed here  and that you don’t forget to Bless the Cook!

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all about how we support a family of 9, and a farm with nearly 30 horses, and a country church ministering to a needy community, and an outreach ministry all for under $25,000 a year, now that is creative budgeting!