chili relleno improv

At our house we love Mexican food. I should say LOVE. We are sort of part Mexican, not by heredity but geographically, we are from California. Add to that I have this cooking thing in my blood, if I can imagine the taste I can make it. Well, last time I said something about all the wonderful peppers in my garden someone suggested we make chili rellenos. That was a thought I could not escape. But none of our peppers were the kind big enough to stuff. So what is my big  tip? Improvise!

What we came up with is a chili relleno casserole of sorts. First we start the sauce, in your blender add 5 squeezed fresh tomatoes, 3 cloves of garlic, 1/2 onion diced, and 1 red bell pepper diced,  puree. Pour into sauce pan and turn on med. Then into a bowl add the other half diced onion, and 12 to 15 chopped peppers. We used some sort of chili pepper (I forget all that we planted) bell peppers and several jalapenos, yes we like to live on the edge.

Then go back to your blender and add 3 fresh eggs, whip till frothy, then add one and a half cups flour, a T of baking powder and 1 cup milk, blend a little more until well mixed.

Then take a large skillet an add enough oil to cover the bottom of the pan, heat to frying temp. Pour in the batter, and add peppers on one side (think stuffed omelet). Then add 2 cups shredded fiesta blend cheese.

Turn your pan down and cover. Meanwhile your sauce should be bubbling and thickening.

When you have determined your batter is done, use a large spatula and flip empty side up on top of stuffed side. Again think omelet. Cover pan back up and leave on low until inside is thoroughly cooked, or take out of pan and microwave a bit more if the outside is cooking before the inside.

Then serve on plate with sauce spooned over it. This has the same flavor as a chili relleno and is absolutely addictive! Even when Hannah adds too many jalapenos and you are breathing fire. They like it that way around here. You could roast the peppers first but we like the not-all-the-way-cooked fresh taste.