southern fried okra

Fried okra is a southern favorite! It is very simple to prepare.

  • approximately 2 dozen pieces of okra
  • 1 egg beaten
  • 1 cup corn meal mix ( if you can’t buy it, make your own with equal parts flour and corn meal)
  • vegetable oil about 2 T
  • couple shakes of Cajun spice

Cut the ends off the okra and cut the okra into thick slices or chunks about 1 inch thick. Add to beaten egg in mixing bowl. Mix well. Then add Cajun spice and corn meal mix. stir well until evenly coated. Heat a skillet to med hot and add oil, then add okra, let cook for a minute or two then turn with spatula. Turn occasionally until evenly browned.  It cooks pretty fast. Serve and enjoy!

Italian Pasta bake

This is like a budget version of Spaghetti Pie, I will post that recipe soon. But this is a good one too and lots less expensive. It is very simple and you can just use the amounts for your family size.

  • Cooked pasta, cooked and drained
  • chunky spaghetti sauce
  • grated Italian blend cheese 8 oz or so

Mix your pasta and sauce in a bowl then add to a buttered casserole dish, then place cheese on top and bake until cheese is bubbly. That is all. Super simple but a little better than plain spaghetti.