stuffed quesadillas

these are really easy, you will need

  • cooked filling, leftovers are great, meat, veggies, rice etc.
  • tortillas – corn or flour
  • extras like diced onions and/or tomatoes, and/or chili peppers
  • grated cheese, Mexican style is best
  • vegetable oil
  • toppings, sour cream or guacamole

Warm your skillet and add a small amount of oil, just enough to cover the bottom. Take a tortilla and on one half add filling and cheese and any extras, not too much, you are going to fold over the half without anything onto the filled half. It should no be so full that the stuffing is falling out. Then place in skillet and fry until golden brown, turn carefully and fry the next side. The cheese should be getting oozy. Cut into quarters with a big knife or pizza cutter and serve with salsa and toppings. Really yummy and really easy. Our favorite is to use our jalapeno chicken and rice.