baking bread

We find that baking bread has become almost automatic around here. If we plan to have rolls or bread that day we just start a batch of bread a couple hours prior and it is no big deal. You don’t need expensive equipment, we do it by hand. All of my daughters except the 6 yr old can make bread and make it better than most. We make loaf bread but we also make sandwich rolls and dinner rolls.   Bread does not have to be hard.  It can become automatic for your family also. If you don’t  bake bread I encourage you to learn. Here is an ebook I wrote on the subject, from my bookstore.

 Most homemakers that don’t make bread are afraid they can’t make perfect bread. Well I have news for you. No one can make perfect bread. Not every time anyway. There are too many variables that affect your bread making and skill is only one of them. So do it as a way to serve your family rather than a contest to make the “perfect” loaf, you will have fun and it will probably turn out pretty good. Our daughters usually start out making bread at about age 7 or 8, so if they can do it you can do it! You don’t have to have lots of expensive equipment, just two hands, some dough ingredients, a couple loaf pans and an oven.

This book is not intended to make you a “perfect” bread maker. It is intended to give you a nudge to get your hands into that wonderful dough. I will share a secret with you. There is something about making bread that seems to make it easy to meditate on the Lord, I nearly always get a new inspiration or understanding from Him while kneading bread. I pray that you experience the same, while spending some time with Him, He is our Bread of Life.This is just one of a series of Creatively Simple “How to” ebooks approx 20 pages with lots of pictures  ebook download


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