gourmet salad

I love salads, in fact I love salads so much it is hard to get a good salad in a restaurant. To tell you the truth, we cook so good around here it is hard to go out anywhere and order anything better. But let me share with you my favorite salad ideas and then you can get creative and make your own. 

Start with artisan lettuce, which is really just a combination of different lettuces, no iceberg stuff. I honestly don’t think iceberg should even be called lettuce. I mean butter lettuce, romaine, spinach, red leaf green leaf and so on. lettuce with some color, rich color. Wash it and dry it either with a spinner or just put in a dish towel and squeeze. Then add some chopped veggies. Again, think color, sweet red peppers, carrots, snow peas, cauliflower, whatever sounds good to you. And if fresh tomatoes are available a good amount of them too. Then add some zing, finely diced garlic, green onions, hot peppers. Then add some sort of meat, maybe grilled chicken breasts or steak cut in thin slices, or even some hard boiled eggs. Then think cheese. personally I like mozzarella, but feta is good too. Or blue cheese, or parmesan. Than add some amazing dressing, homemade of course, don’t ruin your wonderful salad with store dressing.

You can nearly eat as much as you like of this and feel wonderful Smile .

What do you like on your salads?

spinning salads

I love salads but I do not especially love making them. I don’t like the bagged greens as much as the fresh in a bundle ones. I especially like fresh spinach and either butter lettuce or green leaf. One huge helper has been this trusty salad spinner. I got one for us and another for my married daughter. You simply rinse your greens then tear them up and put in the spinner, add more water and spin! It spins the excess water right off so you don’t have soggy greens and your dressing isn’t runny and watered down. Then you can add all of your chopped veggies and some dressing and wa la! A wonderful salad! We only like to make as much salad as will be eaten at the meal, but we do go ahead and do the whole amount of greens and keep them in the spinner in the fridge. They keep well this way without getting soggy :) . So yeah unsoggy salads work for me!

chicken pasta salad

This is one of our favorite summer dishes and a hit at every pot luck or covered dish supper. You can make it with or without the chicken.

  • 1 box colored spiral pasta and one box macaroni, or two bags of wacky pasta
  • 2 bottles of ranch dressing
  • 1 diced onion
  • diced peppers, any kind you like
  • diced tomatoes, 2 or 3 or how ever much you want
  • 2 chicken leg quarters, boiled or baked and meat taken off bone and diced

Cook your pasta according to the directions. Drain and put in fridge to cool. When cool, in large pot, add all ingredients and stir well.  That is it! Keep cool till you serve. Easy stuff.